Wednesday, October 10, 2007

York Cemetery

There is something about Cemetery always has attached me to , The Peaceful feeling maybe , The feeling that you can stand between life and death at the same time and look at the eternity in between ...And wonder , Where is the End really !
Memories, Lost mothers, fathers, daughter and sons ...and many other strangers..
I like to look at the names on the graves, the years they lived and passed, the shortest and the longest lives, It is just make you wonder, where did they all go!
I had never went to a Cemetery back in Libya , always wanted to , but never could , so the other day I was passing by , And I sow The York Cemetery , so I went in , it is a very nice one , all green , just like a big park , I liked to walk around ..
and I took many pictures that I will share here ,Last time I found that the there is 2 parts of the Cemetery , I went to see the other part , It was not nice like the first one , the smell of death is all around , it was so scary and lonely , So I decided I am not going back there , But I am glad that I took a lot of pictures and went many times before seeing that other part ..
Most of people think that Cemeteries are full with died people , well , the way I see it cemeteries are full with memories , when people die all what is left to us are their memories , And at the end of every thing in life , nothing well last except
memories ...

The scary part!

The other scary part that I did not like!
Here starts the nice part


Gheriani said...

As you're being quite philosophical, you may try this:

Brave Heart said...

Sllam Besheshntra, wish you have a happy and joyful Eid and may Allah accept our fast and prayers, and grant us his forgiveness.

BeSHeSHeNtRa... said...

Thank u Ghiriani for ur nice comment, and i liked what u sent thanx,
Happy Eid with best wishes to u Brave heart , thank u for ur nice comment