Sunday, August 12, 2007

Dear Big Mac !!

In the first days of me in Canada visiting my sister , I have been introduced to the Big Mac meal , and ahhhhhhhhhhh , what a meal !!!
I don’t think I will love any thing of food more that the Big Mac ….
Being in Toronto is great!
It is a big city , really nice , I liked it , but one thing I noticed it , especially in North York (where do we live ) that Toronto if fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuull with Chinese people , well I mean Asian people , but I jut can’t know the difference between Chinese and Japanese …etc , and there are other nationalities too , like Indians , Arabs , Europeans , and I have wondered , where all the Canadian gone !!!!!!
And there is one thing that has Brought to my attention , If all these people , with all different nationalities , religion , races, they just can live together in peace , work together , be a good friends to each other , why the rest of the world can’t ???
I thought much about that , and all that I could came up with is , that’s maybe it is because they are all strangers here , far a way from their home , no one is better from another , so maybe if we take all the people of the world and put them all in a strange place that is not their home , maybe then we can live in peace regardless all the differences , either : color , religion , nationalities , etc …
Just maybe !!!


Anglo-Libyan said...

glad you are enjoying your time in Canada and enjoying the Big Mac :o)

it sounds like London, so many races living together in peace.

Brave Heart said...

slam Beshntra long time no see, i'm happy u r enjoying ur time in Canada, which seems amazing country, about ur idea of moving people around to live in peace, please start to test ur theory on me, i would like to go to any place in this world just to live in internal peace

BeSHeSHeNtRa... said...

Thank u Anglo for your nice comment , and it is good to know London is the same .

Thank u brave heart for ur nice comment and if I ever got the chance to do my theory i promise that I will start with u , actually with all the Libyans I guess ..
Have a nice day both of u .